The High Country Citabria Explorer


The High Country Explorer, a variant of the 7GCBC, is the first certified aircraft to offer the new Superior Vantage engine.  With a jump to 180 Horsepower (from 160), the airplane has exceptional performance.  Deriving various design choices from the 8GCBC Scout, an 'in-between' airplane has been created.

The cowling is taken from the Scout by adding the side louvers and ground adjustable cowl flap.  Following this cue, the Scout airbox was added to offer dual inlets when carburetor heat is used.

To allow for a larger diameter propeller, the High Country comes standard with the Aluminum Gear and 800 x 6 tires.  The lighter gear is both taller and lighter, helping to offset the extra weight of the Superior O-360 over the standard Lycoming O-320.  This is both a feature and a limit, as the 800 x 6 is the smallest tire permitted.  Thus, it is not compatible with the current wheel pants.  However, for those who want larger tires, tundra tires are compatible and any of the active STC's out there can be used just as a standard 7GCBC would.

Lastly, the Superior Vantage permissibly runs on premium automotive fuel.  No reformulated or alcohol blends are permitted.  As always, Aviation Grade 100LL is the preferred fuel.



Safety and Convenience
Aluminum Gear Legs
800 x 6 Tires
8GCBC style Ground Adjustable Cowl Flap
8GCBC style Dual
Carburetor Heat Airbox
Micro Aerodynamics Vortex Generators (


Powerplant Superior Vantage
Horse Power @ RPM 180 @ 2700 rpm
Recommended Engine TBO 2000 hours
Propeller Sensenich  76EM8S8-0-58
Propeller Diameter 76 in.
Length 22.1 ft.
Height 7.7 ft.
Wingspan 34.5 ft.
Wing Area 171.9 sq. ft.
Wing Loading 11.34 lb. / sq. ft.
Power Loading 10.8 lb. / HP
Seats 2, Tandem
Cabin Length 8 ft. 10 in.
Cabin Width 2 ft. 6 in.
Cabin Height 3 ft. 11 in.
Empty Weight (typical) 1300 lbs.
Maximum Gross Weight - Normal Category 1950 lbs.
Useful Load  -  Normal Category 650 lbs.
Payload with Full Fuel - Normal Category 440 lbs.
Maximum Gross Weight - Acrobatic Operation 1800 lbs.
Useful Load  -  Acrobatic Operation 500 lbs.
Payload with Full Fuel - Acrobatic Operation 290 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 36 gal. (35 gal. Usable)
Oil Capacity 8 quarts
Baggage Capacity 100 lbs. (10.4 cubic feet)
Acrobatic Limit Loading +5, -2  g
Takeoff Distance, Ground Roll 504 ft.
Takeoff Distance Over 50-ft Obstacle 872 ft.
Maximum Demonstrated Crosswind Component 17 kts.
Rate of Climb, Sea Level 1366 fpm
Maximum Level Speed, Sea Level 142 mph
Cruise Speed / Endurance with 45 Minute Reserve @ 75% Power 132 mph / 2.45 hours
Fuel Consumption @ Altitude 11 gph @ 7500 ft.
Service Ceiling 15500 ft.
Landing Distance over 50-ft. Obstacle 866 ft.
Landing Distance, Ground Roll 293 ft.
Limited and Recommended Airspeeds:
VX (Best Angle) 61 mph
VY (Best Rate) 83 mph
VA (Design Maneuvering) 120 mph
VF (Maximum Flap Speed) 90 mph
VNO (Maximum Structural Cruising) 120 mph
VNE (Never Exceed) 162 mph
VR (Rotation, 14 flaps) 50 mph
VS1 (Stall, Clean) 52 mph
VS0 (Stall, Full Flaps) 49 mph


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