The Denali Scout


The Denali Scout, a variant of the 8GCBC, features the Lycoming IO-390-A1B6 engine paired with an MT 80 inch propeller.  The jump to 210 Horsepower (from 180) provides exceptional short field and climb performance.

The engine installation adds several new features; heavy-duty dynafocal mounts, tuned 4 into 1 stainless exhaust, dual oil coolers, and electric fuel pump accommodate and maximize the performance of the engine.  A sheet metal cowling provides improved access for the wider engine.  The cowling features large left and right access doors with removable upper and lower sections.  A split fiberglass nose bowl retains the Scout profile and provides large air inlets for engine cooling.

The Denali Scout also comes standard with an airfoil tail (optional for the standard Scout).  The 20% increase in stabilizer area and airfoil cross-section provides strong control with lightened stick force.  Tundra tires and vortex generators are common options that further increase the utility of this powerful airplane.


Denali Scout Specifications

Powerplant Lycoming IO-390-A1B6 (210 hp)
Recommended TBO 2000 hr
Propeller MTV-15-B/203-58 (80 in)
Length 23 ft
Height 8 ft 7 in
Wingspan 36 ft 2 in
Wing area 180 sq ft
Wing loading 11.9 lb/sq ft
Power loading 10.2 lb/hp
Seats 2, tandem
Cabin length 8 ft 10 in
Cabin width 2 ft 6 in
Cabin height 3 ft 11 in
Empty weight 1420 lb
Maximum gross weight 2150 lb
Useful load 730 lb
Payload w/full fuel 520 lb
Fuel capacity, std 36 gal (35 gal usable)
216 lb (210 lb usable)
Fuel capacity w/opt tanks 72 gal (70 gal usable)
432 lb (420 lb usable)
Baggage capacity, std 100 lb, 10.4 cu ft
Bggage capacity, extended 30 lb, 3.6 cu ft
Takeoff distance, ground roll 388 ft
Takeoff distance over 50-ft obstacle 708 ft
Maximum demonstrated crosswind component 15 kt
Rate of climb, sea level 1428 fpm
Maximum level speed, sea level 150 mph TAS
Cruise speed, 6000ft 136 mph TAS
 72 lb/hr / 12.0 gph (75% power, best power)
126 mph TAS
50 lb/hr / 8.3 gph (65% power, best economy)
115 mph TAS
43 lb/hr / 7.2 gph (55% power, best economy)
Maximum operating altitude 17500 ft
Service ceiling 17500 ft
Landing distance over 50-ft obstacle 816 ft
Landing distance, ground roll 408 ft
Limiting and Recommended Airspeeds
VX (best angle of climb) 56 mph IAS
VY (best rate of climb) 82 mph IAS
VA (design maneuvering) 118 mph IAS
VFE (max flap extended) 102 mph IAS
VNO (max structural cruising) 133 mph IAS
VNE (never exceed) 166 mph IAS
VR (rotation) 50 mph IAS
VS1 (stall, clean) 54 mph IAS
VSO (stall, in landing configuration) 45 mph IAS